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 Rules & Guidelines

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Beth & Emma

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PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:58 pm

It is important that all members of this forum follow these regulations, if you do not follow these rules you will be given a warning or ban.

Community Guidelines

a. Respect others!

  • Respect your fellow fanpeeps, when answering Private Messages, posts, threads, replies and in conversations.
  • If you disagree with someone, make sure you reply in a mature way, and please refrain from using personal attacks. If a moderator or admin feels that you have made a personal attack on any of our members, you will be banned immediately.
  • Do not troll another user. This involves intentionally (and obviously) provoking a negative reaction from someone else.
  • Do not reply to someone who has intentionally attempted to troll you - this is known as a flame war. Instead, tell a moderator or admin.
  • Do not copy another thread or create a thread similar or the same as an existing one. Only begin a new thread if one like it doesn't exist.

b. Posting

  • Do not post with only a few words or little to say.
  • Do not include to many gifs or emoticons in your post. Make sure you write enough to give the post context.
  • Do not reply to a post unless it has more than a few words and is related to the thread.
  • Make sure you include a good amount of text within your reply, and do not just post 'I agree' or similar things.
  • Do not just reply using a photo, gif or emoticons.
  • Never post just advertising your personal website or social media account. You have a URL link on your profile for this.
  • You are only allowed to 'BUMP' your thread every 24 hours.

c. Prohibited content

  • Private information, such as your password, address and phone number is not allowed to be displayed anywhere on this forum.
  • Swearing in moderation. If any staff feeling as though such language is being abused then the offending user will be given a warning.
  • No posts about violence, racism, homophobia, terrorism or any obscene or harmful content.
  • No hacking information, viruses or harmful computer software that has been disguised as something more legitimate.
  • No pornography, nudity, sexual material or sexual references, including slang. If it does come up, please discuss sexual subjects in a mature and dignified manner.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO sexual harassment of any sort through this forum. If you are being bothered by another member in this way, contact a member of staff immediately and we will take further action.

d. Accounts

  • No alternate accounts due to competitions, etc. If you accidentally make two accounts or forget your password then contact an admin.
  • If using a shared computer, be sure to log out of your account.
  • Do not share your password.
  • Do not have a username that could be offensive to others or includes 'Prohibited Content'.

e. Signatures

  • Do not include pictures over 250 pixels tall.
  • Signatures may not include or be linked to content listed under 'Prohibited Content'.
  • Do not include too much content in your signature, this will make pages load slower.
  • Members who do not abide to these guidelines will have their signature put into a spoiler by a member of staff and will be contacted by an admin or moderator.

f. Warnings and Banning

  • Warnings will be Privately Messaged to any members who validates these rules.
  • All warnings will be kept a record of.
  • After three warnings users will be banned.

Last update: August 4th 2015
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Rules & Guidelines
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